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Amelia Curran

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And another gem.

"Quite simply, she is a mistress of beautiful music" - R2 (Gareth Hayes)

"This unmistakable offering of distinct Canadian folk music displays the light of difference between it and that of its British counterparts. This is primarily down to the genuine vocals of Amelia which, while tinged with a dose of gritty realism, still remain remarkably tender" - Fatea / Three Chords and The Truth (David Hughes)

"From a Dylanesque opening, Spectators exemplifies all that's good about the north American folk scene. Riding intricate guitar and drum patterns, Curran's smokey voice brackets personal and external events in ten new-minted songs, emotionally honest and tellingly phrased" - Maverick magazine (also featured in Music Week)

"She possesses a fine voice, with a laidback delivery that belies a power that – when employed – will stop you in your tracks" - Scottish Metro (Rob Lavender)

"Spectators is a strong, quietly forceful album" - Telegraph Online (Martin Crichton)

"Her voice has that heartfelt, bluesy quality that speaks directly to you, like you're having a private performance rather than listening to a recording" 5***** Music Review Unsigned (Shaun Cole)

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