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Anny Celsi

“I have a feeling that a good many Maverick readers will readily embrace this excellent album… they don't come much better than Now You Can Hurt Me, which could have been a 1960's DeShannon classic or the country-flavoured First Love Freezes with its Byrds-vibe and lush string arrangement. Yeah, seek out and enjoy.” – Alan Cackett, Maverick

 I was blown away by this CD from the very first listen.…gorgeous, melodic … virtually every song could be a single.  One of the best albums of the decade.” -- John Etherington,

 “…be amazed but, more importantly, be won completely over with an artist that catapults over her previous work and makes an album filled with first-class musical craftings.” -- Bruce Brodeen.

 “…(a) terrific second album that should deservedly see her success and reputation flourish…Mike Davies, Netrhythms

 “… Byrdsian jangle and exquisite psyche-pop harmonies perfect for a long car ride…Fans of classic sixties pop influences should pick this one up right away.” – Aaron Kupferberg, Powerpopaholic 

 “… a glorious and lovingly crafted tribute to an era that continues to resonate to this day.  In an age of throwaway dance anthems and cookie-cutter R’n’B, it is refreshing to have dedicated artists and musicians remind us of the beauty and wonder of what pop music once was in its heyday.  That such wondrous music can still be re-created in our modern times gives me hope and encouragement for the future.”  –Kevin Mathews

 “Chock full of slightlydelic pop jangle and West Coast harmonies…just a few seconds into the opening title track, and you’re being pulled into the same paisley patterned swirl as the one The Bangles caused…” – Goran Obradovic, Shindig!

“I didn’t have the opportunity to properly make Tangle Free World’s acquaintance until relatively recently.  Had I been able to give it a proper listen sooner, however, it definitely would have earned a place in my 2009 year-end top 10…Anny Celsi’s beautifully expressive voice…is at once sweet and soulful, with a depth and richness that eludes many singers.”  -- John Borack, Goldmine

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