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Blind Poets

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Beautiful song-writing, skillful musicianship and five exceptional voices, that is Blind Poets. 

Cork’s very own Celtic Folk ensemble, now in their 2nd  year together have just released their latest EP and are currently finishing their debut album which will be next month.

The band is made up of Niamh Murphy (piano and vocals), Karen O’Doherty (violin and vocals), Katie O’Neill (vocals), Leo Mullane (guitar and vocals) and Tom Jordan (clarinet and vocals). 

When combined, Blind Poets produce gorgeous traditional arrangements which are rooted in contemporary Celtic Folk but unafraid to cross genres without compromising their ethereal tone.  It is no exaggeration to say Blind Poets is doing something wonderful and new in the world of Irish music – just picture a cross between Fleetwood Mac and The Gloaming.

They have released three singles to date (Arrow Shot, Balulalow and Luna Solera) which have been popular on RTÉ Radio 1, 2FM, Lyric FM and Today FM as well as numerous local stations.


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