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Brendan Quinn

The son of the blacksmith, Brendan Quinn remaining school at age 15 to pursue a profession in welding, but was soon to abandon the original blue collar existence for the of an operating musician. At 19, he became a member of up with Robin & the Breakaways, a showband that, within the tradition from the genre, included a brass section, drums, bass, acoustic guitar, piano, along with a vocalist, and who performed Top 20 strikes in local pubs and dancehalls. It had been within this establishing that Quinn created his abilities on acoustic guitar and vocals. He remained with the Breakaways until 1975, when he created the American nation music affected Bluebirds. Touring practically nonstop in Ireland, Britain, and THE UNITED STATES, the Bluebirds remained collectively until 1994, when Quinn went back again to the origins of what experienced inspired him like a son in Magherafelt: honky tonk and rock and roll & move. The music group with which he completed this enthusiasm was Kickin’ Mule, a pub band that experienced created in 1990 for any sole jam program. Along with older friend and Vehicle Morrison Music group member Arty McGlynn, Quinn started playing in small venues which were conducive towards the looser format cultivated by Kickin’ Mule. In 1994, Quinn released his first single effort, The Secret, and in 2001, he released Little City on Deep Cove Information, which operates from his hometown Magherafelt, where he resides. His most recent album is entitled LOCKDOWN.

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