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Cormac O Caoimh

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Already getting lots of radio play for his song Second Hand Clothes Cormac O'Caoimh is due to release his 4th solo album “Shiny Silvery Things” on April 28th 2017. Following on from “The Moon Loses Its Memory”(2014), which received high acclaim from National Press such as The Times, Mojo Magazine, The Star, Hotpress and countless more, O Caoimh’s intimate vocals and exquisite guitar playing has attracted the attention of musicians and music lovers alike and the new album will carry on this tradition.

Unlike his previous 3 albums this is not a concept album. Or maybe that is the concept. This is an old-school album. A collection of fine songs, some fast, some slow, some personal, some fictional but sewn together sonically and lyrically by his inimitable songwriting and guitar playing. Lyrically the album explores a variety of influences too. Many are personal songs while others influenced by books and others are based on fictional characters, stories and scenarios in Cormac’s head. But all the songs are uniquely Cormac O'Caoimh songs that have the strange knack off hitting home and appearing personal and relevant to the listener.
With career-long comparisons to Prefab Sprout, Lloyd Cole and Elvis Costello, O'Caoimh has a style and panache on this new album that will etch a little nook in your life like a lifelong friend that you turn to when you want to unwind. 

"Acoustic Gems from the Cork singer-songwriter. Each song superglues to the memory " **** Mojo Magazine

"This is one album you should not ignore" - Folkwords

"O Caoimh has achieved something here that most songwriters aspire to" - Instrumentali

"An effortlessly charming album" - Songwriter Magazine

"a tour de force" - Americana UK

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