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Danny Ellis

Reviews of 800 voices.

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"If musicality was the only bar by which an album was judged, then Danny Elliss debut would hold its own alongside such otherworldly voices as Brian Kennedy. But 800 Voices is much more. Its a searing testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the depths to which that spirit can sink... A musically healing and lyrically breathtaking debut."

~ The Irish Times

"The sheer musicality of the songs, together with his unique ability as singer and interpreter made a very strong impression on me. I welcome his "800 Voices", a touching autobiography and a visionary outlook."

~ Bill Whelan, Riverdance Composer

"It may just be the most powerful storytelling through music and stories I have ever experienced. ...a riveting oral memoir ...filled with clear images of pain, hope and humor."

~ Connie Reagan Blake - Storyteller

"Subtitled My Life in an Irish Orphanage, this folk opus was inspired by the composer's childhood; from the age of eight to sixteen he spent his time at the notorious Christian Brothers industrial School in Artane. If that sounds like a bleak proposition, be prepared for a surprise: the musicianship and songwriting are both inspirational. It is a moving, uplifting collection that is a joy to listen to from start to finish."

~ The Irish Star

"Danny Ellis' debut album 800 Voices charts his harrowing experiences in The Artane Christian Brothers gulag and is a powerful testament to the healing power of music. '800 Voices' blends elements of delicately-played Irish folk-rock, creating a moving backdrop to Ellis' aching vocals. 'The Bold Christian Brothers' raises both tempo and the anger level on a track driven by rhythm guitar and flute. 'Tommy Bonner' is a chilling tale opening with a snatch of the 'Kyrie Eleison' prayer and is about a fellow inmate/victim. Most Irish singer-songwriters have studiously avoided dealing with clerical abuse. That Ellis survived to put his experiences on the record is a miracle. That he can do it with such grace, and an absence of hate, is an even bigger one."

~ Hot Press

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