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Dick Gaughan

Dick Gaughan

His mother, Frances MacDonald, was a Highland Scot, originally from Bohenie in Lochaber, whose first language was Gaelic. She was a singer in both Gaelic and English and won a silver medal at one of the Gaelic Mods as a child in the 30s while at school in Arisaig.

His father, Dick, was born in Leith of an Irish father, an Irish speaker and fiddle player, from Doohoma in Mayo. Gaughan's grandmother, Bridget Madden, born in Glasgow of Irish parents from Killala, played button accordion and was also a singer, in English only.

Gaughan was brought up immersed in the musical traditions and culture of the Gaels, both Scots and Irish, which naturally, therefore, provide the foundation for everything he does.

He has been a professional musician and singer since Jan 1970. Has been playing guitar since the age of 7 and made his first solo album in 1971. Working mainly in the areas now known as "Folk" or "Celtic" music, he has recorded quite extensively since then in many countries and in various combinations. Has also worked extensively as a session musician in a wide variety of musical styles.

He has also been fairly active as a record producer, midi programmer, composer - composing the music for films for the BBC, Scottish Arts Council and independent producers - actor and theatre music director, having been in both roles with the celebrated 7:84 (Scotland) Theatre Company in the early 80s, songwriter whose songs have been recorded by, among others, Billy Bragg, Mary Black and Capercaillie, and also served for several years as a reviewer/columnist with Folk Review magazine in the late 70s. Instigated the setting up of the association Perform in the early 80s and was its Chair for 2 years.

Was an early member of the band Boys of the Lough and is on their first album and was with the now-legendary Scottish Folk-Rock (what a lousy label that is!) band, Five Hand Reel, making 3 albums with them. In the 90s he founded and produced the short-lived but quite extraordinary ensemble Clan Alba.

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