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Evelyn Kallansee

Here is a clip from Evelyn and Declans forthcoming album.

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Evelyn was born on the tropical island of Curaçao, had a music career in the Netherlands and lives in Co. Kerry now. She has gone from singing in Les Misérable to  acid Jazz and everything in between.
Together they have found a new path through the woods.
On the night you will hear all the songs from their album, and some of Declan’s songs. Two voices, one guitar and a warm uplifting attitude.

Evelyn and Declan started working together in the dark Winter of 2020. Now they’re ready to step into the light. They have written and recorded an album together and are very excited to present it.
Declan you may well know from his work with Christy Moore, Mary Black, Horslips, Moving Hearts etc. He produces, writes, sings and of course plays guitar with Evelyn.


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