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Fellow Pynins

The name Fellow Pynins may not be readily familiar to many people but Patchy Saunders might well be. The former is Dani Aubert and Ian Van Ornum, while the latter was the folk orchestra where they spent much of their career. Now working as a duo and called Fellow Pynins, their album ‘Hunter & The Hunted’ released in the UK in September has drawn lots of attention.

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With subtle old time banjo blended into finger-picked guitar mandolin and bouzouki, then woven beneath honey-sweet, warmly delivered harmonies, ‘Hunter & The Hunted’ is a perfect introduction to Fellow Pynins. Together they create a heartfelt intimacy through these original songs, which reaches out through the album taking you into a relationship between artists, music and audience that becomes almost physical. There’s an indulgent intensity that permeates the songs, becoming stronger each time you listen – ‘The Wild & Untamed’, ‘Land Where The Sugarbeet Grows’, Kings & Queens’ and the haunting ‘Dear Ones’ draw you towards their narratives. There’s a lot to this album and it’s worth taking time to find its depths. 

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