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Folk/Traditional music groups for hire

Musiclee is working with some very fine folksingers,
trad musicians, and singer-songwriters who would be
interested in finding restaurant /hotel/cafe-type concerts
that would offer a regular gig for acoustic, "unplugged"
music on a weekly/monthly basis.
They are able to perform solo or as duos or trios, etc., depending on fee and venue suitability and either with or without amplification, but always acoustically.
The artists concerned have years of experience in
this type of concert, including regular and on-going weekly gigs
in 5-star hotels in Dublin, and know how to perform in such
settings without impinging on patrons, while creating a pleasant
ambience overall.
If anyone knows of any places that would like
to experiment with the old-world charm of world-class live
musicians doing trad and trad-based acoustic songs,
please pass this on.
The venue may also benefit by having the
evenings advertised on web and email etc.
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