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Fran King

FRAN KING :  Single Release ;- “ALL ABOUT ME”   March 2010
MY SWEET ELIXIR: - Album Launch;- April 23rd @ The Cherry Tree venue, Walkinstown roundabout, Dublin 12. 

“All about me” is the first single from Fran King’s sophmore & eagerly awaited album, “My Sweet Elixir”.  The album continues to recieve rave reviews since its U.S. release in December.  Although this is Fran’s second solo album,  it’s his first for U.S. label Renaissance Records, to whom he signed in September 2009.
The single highlights King’s vocal talents, “King has an absolutely wonderful voice that is sure to turn some heads ... listeners are sure to love the singing on this album and will find themselves returning to it frequently” wrote Chris Dahlberg of  trendy U.S. website Comos Music.
King’s solo debut album [Beautification, Head Space Records 2006] won him critical acclaim on both sides of the pond, and a loyal and growing fanbase in the American Mid-West. The track “Misunderstood”  featured in the Movie “Tara Road”  starring Andie McDowell.  

The new single enhances Fran King’s growing reputation for his seemingly effortless ability to write incredibly melodic pop songs, even when the subject matter revolves around an arguement. “from the opening pop harmonics of "All About Me" with its twisting melody and multiplex counterpoints, through the wryly nostalgic "The Note," and on through nine other slabs of pure, pretty melody. King’s vocals are even more assured than last time out…” writes Dave Thompson of the highly respected All Music Guide (U.S.)

A glowing testament indeed to an album that not only sees Fran explore different genres, but also taking the Producers role for the first time.
“All about me” whets the whistle nicely, and will no doubt attract many new fans to one of Irelands best kept secrets …  though on the strength of the reviews thus far, the secret won’t be secret for very long.....Will Murray – Music Now

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