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Gerry Creen

“Gerry Creen is one of Belfast’s finest songwriters, whose songs address real life issues, with poignant lyrics and dynamic melodies, delivered with sensitivity power and passion”.     Belfast/Nashville festival February 2011

‘I discovered Gerry Creen was back in action, with a new album Hindsight and a re-mixed version of A Rose by Any Other Name. Now in 2010, it can be freshly viewed and listened to and it’s still a killer. Imagine a cross between Paul Brady, Paul Simon, Tommy Flemming, and Seth Lakeman and you have Gerry Creen’s approach; lyrical, impassioned and powerfully articulate. Yet that’s only the tip of the iceberg’.     John O’Regan Irish Music Magazine (Jan/Feb 2011)

Gerry’s song A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME, written in 1977 during the darkest days of The Troubles is considered by many as one of Ireland’s finest Peace Anthems.     IRISH NEWS March 2010                                                                        

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