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Hazard Hollow

HAZARD Hollow are a Galway based trio who put their own spin on bluegrass music, with Ruth Dillon and Bernie O' Mahony on vocals and Ivor Ottley on violin.

Ruth recalls how the band, which will play The Crane this Friday, November 14, first got started.

"Well, we sort of evolved!" she laughs. "Myself and Bernie have been singing together for about 10 years. My interest in country would come from Bernie; I was doing more of my own stuff, and pop and rock and that kind of thing, and folky stuff. So we gradually started doing more Country and then I started playing with Ivor Ottley. He's from London and he would have been involved in lots of bluegrass bands in England. He put a new slant on the country stuff we were doing, we were getting this bluegrass edge on it. So really Hazard Hollow as a band would have formed as band in the last year and a half."

Last March Hazard Hollow played at the esteemed South By Southwest Festival in Austin Texas. The festival is a huge affair that sees upcoming and established acts showcase their material.

"The year before we'd been in the Dunmore East Bluegrass Festival," says Ruth. "Ivor ended up playing with another band called the Boxcar Bleachers and they're based in Austin. We just got really friendly with them and started jamming. One of them is an agent and he said 'if we got you some gigs would you come over?’.”

The band also ...

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