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Headtrip Acoustic Project

Headtrip Acoustic Project is a trio of two acoustic guitars mixing fingerstyle and lap-tapping techniques, plus one cajon and various percussive elements. Spawned out of busking in the streets of Dublin in 2016, guitarist and vocalist Alessandro Zangrando (aka Zar) and guitarist Giovanni Agostini met and discovered a strong musical connection that led to composing music and starting a project together. Percussionist Niccolò Matterezzo (aka Nik Martken) joined them in 2017, adding various percussive elements including hang drums and a didgeridoo. Since then, the band has continued to compose original music, busking and performing in a wide range of venues that include the Button Factory, Whelan’s, and IMRO. In 2018, they won the Busker's Fleadh festival and also released their first EP ‘the Rising’, consisting of 5 songs in which they experiment with genres such as folk, rock, metal & world music. The EP received a great review from Sleeping Bag Studios in Canada and has performed well in a variety of streaming platforms. The trio is now recording a new single and working on the final details of several new compositions to start recording, with plans to release what will be their first album later this year.

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