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Joe Dunne

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Hail Caesar - Album Review

"Dublin singer/songwriter Joe Dunne knows all the tricks of the underground - Rock, Funk, Soul and Folk. This ex-vocalist of experimental folk band "SPERANZA" (who was also an admired signer at the Guterbrunn Festival) is a constituent part of a musical line commonly characterized as folk. But the way his expressive voice and expressive songs are underlaid with heavy guitar, bouzouki and mandola, with sax, drums, blues harmonica and sometimes fiddle and accordion all embedded in a clever arrangement would reserve him the title "Acoustic Rock".

However even his string section seems more elaborate than that of any recent acoustic rock bands. Joe's performance is bundled energy, which holds noting back ("Takes No Prisoners", as the Anglo- Saxons would say). One instrumental composition "Wake Up", fello musician Brian O`Shea is a real fire work of Irish Bulgarian bouzouki fusion.

Joe in duet with composer Brian, test his technical brilliance on string instruments. By the way, album cover painter and harmonica player Jeff Rhind was an artistic companion of the early Beatles in Liverpool"

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