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Johnny Dickenson

Click here to see Johnny Dickenson perform Bad Moon Rising on youtube.

“The Most Potent Slide Player in the UK”.  I first saw Johnny Dickinson perform solo in the classic folk club setting  - the upstairs room in a pub on a cold Sunday night not a mile from the North Sea coast. Two things struck me that night. Firstly, his guitar tone was immaculate; a fine, precise, shimmering presence which was at once spooky and sparse!  The second thing was the languid, full-ranged vocal style, which hinted at rock rather than folk origins but had a timeless, earthy quality.  Whereas the lower register was reminiscent of Paul Rodgers and Lowell George this guy had an effortless country yodel, too!

Of course, he did not acquire such technique overnight. A life of gigging around the country with a variety of bands had polished his innate skills.

From his own local band, Splitcrow, he became a founder member of Paul Lamb & the Kingsnakes then, two years later he formed the wildly eclectic Hillbillies From Outer Space.

All three had their roots in Johnny’s native Northumberland but he also had a spell in the London-based Western Swing outfit, the Moonshine Boys.....Alan Nichol

"If this had been an edition of The Old Grey Whistle Test, broadcast on national TV, Dickinson would be a guitar hero by tea-time tomorrow"

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