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Laura Cortese

Cortese's rich alto voice colors the Scottish and English traditional songs with very contemporary tonality and phrasing. Cortese is Berklee-trained, and perhaps that contributes to the concision and balance of her fiddling, whether she's blowing through the "West Mabou Reel" or "Devil in the Kitchen" at top speed or arabesqueing around the cello in "Hielen Laddie" and "The Mist Covered Mountains."
- Bill Chaisson~Dirty Linen

"Bjork meets Bruce Molsky!"
- Rushad Eggleston (The Wild Band of Snee, Crooked Still)

"I actually bought this CD at a concert, having been totally blown away by the gorgeous title track. Cortese is not just a phenomenally smooth and expressive fiddler, she's a first-rate arranger, and her vocals bumped "contemporary" out of my dirty-word list. This lady is a star!
- Columbine Phoenix on

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