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Le Vent Du Nord

Have a listen here:

Olivier Demers - fiddle, vocals, foot-tapping
Nicolas Boulerice - hurdy-gurdy, piano, piano accordion, vocals
Simon Beaudry - guitar, vocals
Réjean Brunet - accordion, basse, vocals

Supported by The Alliance Francaise.

Alliance members 12€.

Le Vent has enough virtuosity and spirit to make its four musicians sound like 40 at times,
and it tackles Scot, Irish or French material with equal authority.
With its offhandedly great musicianship (and where else can you hear a hurdy-gurdy these days?),
it’s a blast to hear this wind blow.

Boston Herald - April 4, 2008

When it comes to rhythm, Le Vent du Nord is loaded, as the crisp pulse of these nearly forgotten
songs for dancing, drinking, and flirting shows. And there's not a drum nor beatbox within earshot.
Kevin R. Convey Boston Globe – April 2008 (USA)

Dans les airs is their third album, and will delight existing fans and newbies alike. Pulsing box and demonic fiddle, kicking aces with foot percussion, and close-harmony vocals - all the ingredients of the classic Quebec musical stew, and there’s plenty of meat in this one.
Alex Monaghan Irish Music Magazine - April 2008 (IR)

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