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Lumiere is two distinct voices cut from the same geographic cloth.

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One is Éilís Kennedy, whose sound has ready access to the soul without need for scaffolding or spotlights. For over a decade, hers has been one of the most underrated voices in Irish music. Her natural and genuine interpretations of songs, both old and new, sung in her native Gaelic and in English, were previously heard in her multiple collaborations and solo offerings as a recording artist.

The other half of the musical whole is Pauline Scanlon, an award-winning singer from the same Kerry town of Dingle. She is part of a tradition of Irish female voices from Sinead O’Connor to Enya, all personal interpreters of their physical and spiritual landscape. Scanlon has two critically received albums to her credit as well as extensive touring experience all over the globe.

Together, they offer a distinctly feminine sound and feel, where voice is the primary instrument and Ireland as motherland is re-imagined. With Lumiere, the song and its delivery are the primary focus, technical concerns gives way to feeling as song and singer effortlessly merge.

Pauline and Éilís have been familiar with each other’s singing for many years. Yet until now, Pauline’s touring commitments meant a musical coming together wasn’t possible. Now Lumiere has put that right. Spending many a winter’s night looking over old songbooks and comparing music handed down by their respective families, the pair realised they had much in common in outlook and intonation.

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