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Matt Schofield

Guitarist Magazine top 10 of 2007.
Guitar & Bass Magazine top 20 of 2007.
House of Blues No.3 of 2007

"The three of them work expertly together… pushing until the tension is almost unbearable"...Choice Magazine


The most influential Blues-inspired guitarist to emerge from the UK in several generations, Schofield’s blend of blues, funk, rock and jazz has brought accolades from both sides of the Atlantic.

But don’t expect traditional Blues, or a typical blues-rock approach. This is a band with a unique sound. Imagine crossing an iconic power trio like Rory Gallagher’s Taste, Cream or the Hendrix Experience with the Hammond-organ-laden and distinctly American sound of the Allman Bros and you start to understand what this band is about.

Each band member is a virtuoso. Schofield ranks on the world scene with a signature guitar tone much sough after by other guitarists. Hammond organist Jonny Henderson, the youngest member of the band, is a prodigious talent, playing bass lines with his left hand and rhythm comps and lead lines with his right (you got it, there’s no bass guitarist, but you would not know it!). Drummer Evan Jenkins also plays with the BBC award winners, the Neil Cowley Trio.

The band has played extensively around Europe and now makes their first visit to Ireland. (copy & paste)

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