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Max Greenwood

“A tip from the initiated – don’t miss him live” **** Irish Times.

Max Greenwood & Very Special Guests
‘Iris’ and ‘Fern’ Piano EPs Launch Night
Featuring Peter Dobai (Sax), Bill Blackmore (Trumpet) and Max Greenwood (Piano, Guitar, Drum Machine, Voice)
Max is a well known pianist and Singer Songwriter based in Dublin.  He has released two critically acclaimed albums of songs, ‘Soul of a Man’ and ‘In The Blood’.  On Fri Dec 1st he will present material from his new solo piano EPs, some new groove-based instrumental music and songs from his albums.  Joining him will be Peter Dobai on Saxophones, Bill Blackmore on Trumpet, and an old drum machine named Bentley..
"The pieces on solo piano EPs Iris and Fern combine written material that breaks out into free improvisation.  I recorded the pieces at home on my upright piano to capture some of the intimacy and physicality of sound possible with a homespun, less-then-hi-fidelity instrument”
‘Iris', ‘Fern' and Max’s other albums are available on iTunes and all streaming services.

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