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Mike Ferrio


Mike Ferrio (ex Tandy)

Good Luck Mountain

Hushed and haunting, the self-titled debut by Good Luck Mountain is as breathtaking as the expansive landscape captured on its cover. A new incarnation of the sadly unappreciated Americana band Tandy, the group changed its name after the passing of one of its key members, Drew Glackin who plit his time between Tandy and the Silos. That sense of sadness is manifest in the eloquent and emotional “Heaven in the Haze” and a softly spoken “The Perfect Circle,” two tracks that find singer/mainstay Mike Ferrio offering heartfelt laments that practically challenge the tear ducts to stay dry. Parched vocals and a subtle weave of violin, viola, harp and trumpets enhance the sobering sound, and indeed, there’s not a song here that doesn’t make a lasting impression even when the volume knob demands it be turned to a higher register. Rarely is an album as affecting, and indeed, in terms of casting its spell, Good Luck Mountain has already scaled a most magnificent peak.

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