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Nels Andrews

Nels Andrews' debut, full-length album springs from years of crossing our large country and following the stories of her marginal inhabitants. His songs are a testament to the hobos and the shadowy places in every heart. The raggle-taggle El Paso Eyepatch sprang nearly full-formed from a route 66 railroad brothel, converted to muscian space. Late sunday mornings at the Red Door led to recording in a small adobe in a forgotten section of Albuquerque. “Sunday Shoes” features Jeffrey Richards (Hazeldine, Vic Chestnut) on guitar and electric banjo, Chris Kitchen on bass, Heath Dauberman on drums and harmony vocals by Michelle Collins (ShineCherries), all of whom make up the El Paso Eyepatch. Nels was also joined by Brett Sparks (Handsome Family) on accordian, Jason Daniello on mandolin and lap steel, Dave Guiterrez on pedal steel and Sarah Kramer on muted trumpet.

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