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Nelson Bragg

NELSON BRAGG has been working in and around the Los Angeles melodic pop scene since leaving his native Massachusetts in early 1999.

His stints in such stellar Los Angeles-area bands as The Now People, The Quarter After, The Mello Cads, Cosmo Topper, and Cloud Eleven eventually led Bragg to higher-profile gigs with artists such as Stew and, eventually, Brian Wilson (with whom he currently tours and records). 

Nelson is featured on Brian’s albums Smile, That Lucky Old Sun and Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin. An all around multi-instrumentalist, it is Bragg’s expert drumming and spot-on vocal abilities that have garnered him the most attention. He's also a master arranger and an advanced composer in his own right, a natural musician brimming with confidence and chops (he once sat-in uninvited, no less with the great Paul Williams, and proceeded to blow the house down). 

Bragg’s self-produced album Day Into Night received rave reviews worldwide, with comparisons to folk-pop icons The Byrds, America and Crosby, Stills & Nash.  More recently he has shown his talents as an arranger/producer with Anny Celsi’s highly-acclaimed 2010 release Tangle-Free World.

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