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No Crows

The eclecticism and sheer joy of NoCrows music is a real pleasure whether live or recorded. 

NoCrows, over 15 years together have recorded several albums and toured Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Spain and Ireland. This summer they'll be releasing a new album, "Escape", a live album with a few fan favourites and new tunes, including a collaboration with Lisa Lambe and Martin Tourish. With this album they'll be touring Ireland in September 2019.

In 2005, musicians got together for an informal session in one of Sligo’s most unique pubs, Shoot the Crows. Soon the Wednesday night session was one of the most famed in the area, with musical styles from Irish traditional to Latin bossa, and a lot more in between. Encouraged by the weekly rapturous response, the musicians, harking from different musical and cultural backgrounds, agreed to join forces and take their unique styles to the next level.

Thus, NoCrows were born. The band has many successes and achievements under their belt, including performances at some of Europe’s top festivals, Glastonbury and Dranouter being notable examples.


This concert features

Dave Redmond, Bass
Felip Carbonell, Guitar
Anna Houston,

Ray Coen, Guitar/Vocals

Oleg Ponomarev (Fiddle)


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