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Noel Lenaghan

Singer, songwriter, flute, mandolin and guitar player Noel Lenaghan is a musician whose work is steeped in the Irish tradition. Although he has a huge body of tunes and songs from the reservoir of Irish traditional music, his repertoire draws on a variety of sources. Born in Belfast in 1954 Noel was heavily influenced by the musical renaissance that took place during the 60's and 70's in Ireland. The ground breaking work of the Mc Peake family, The Dubliners, Margaret Barry, The Clancy Brothers, Planxty and Dick Gaughan all had a profound impact on his musical development.

On the flute, Noel has retained a strong, rhythmic, northern influence characteristic of musicians in Belfast. However, he has absorbed tunes and techniques from many other regions in Ireland. On the mandolin, he was initially influenced by the work of pioneers such as Barney Mc Kenna and John Sheehan of The Dubliners. He later drew inspiration from innovators such as Andy Irvine, Declan Corey and Brendan Hearty.

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