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Paul Lee

Paul Lee (Actor-Music promoter)

Having completed a full-time 3-year diploma course in theatre studies in Mountview Theatre School, London in 1988 Paul returned to Ireland and set up Priory Productions which presented and promoted theatre and music, mainly in An Beal Bocht, Dublin.

Performed in his own stage adapation of Myles na gCopaleen's 'The Poor Mouth' with various other actors in theatre's across Ireland and the UK to huge critical acclaim, including winning The Guardian Critics Choice Award two weeks running at the Edinburg Festival in 1991.
The show went on to be presented in Irish by the Abbey and the Project Theatres and was recorded and broadcast on RTE radio.

He produced and directed 'True West' by Sam Shepard in Andrews Lane Theatre and several shows for the Dublin fringe festival, including 'Thirst', 'Built On Sand' and 'Gibber', the latter two co-writen by himself and his father Robert. During this time he also worked as a music promoter and in 1999 set up  He established and ran the music programme for venues such as The Cobblestone, Mother Redcaps and The Cherrytree as well as booking acts into venues across Ireland. 

Though now a full time music promoter he continues with occasional acting jobs and during 2003 was seen as the murderous Marty Halpin in RTE's Fair City.
In the same year he performed nationwide in the stage version of 'Twelve Angry Men' and in 2006 played the lead role in Deadline in Andrews Lane Theatre.

In 2009 he revived the theatre show of The Poor Mouth again to great success, selling out for a 3 week run in the New Theatre and doing a series of shows around the country. 

In 2011 he set up 'Folk the Recession' which brought together some of Irelands finest folk and traditional artists and this popular show ran for 3 years at home and abroad.

In 2014 he set up the DC Music Club in Dublin. Details on



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