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Philip Donnelly

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Musical Genius Philip Donnelly has toured with Johnny Cash, The Everly Brothers, John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Nanci Griffith, Townes Van Zandt,  Donovan, DON WILLIAMS, SARA DEE, RAY LYNAM, CLANNAD, JOE ELY, KATHY MATAYA, KYLE LOVETT, HAL KETCHUM to name but a few.

Philip co-wrote Crystal Gayle’s number one hit song ‘Living in these Troubled Times’. His gold discs include Don William’s million selling album ‘ I Believe in Love’ the biggest Country single of all time.

He is an active authority on Celtic, Country, Rock and Blues guitar, and his unique style has been employed by some of the world's greatest recording artists for over 30 years. Philip's professional music career started in his home city of Dublin in the early 1960's, when he joined the Oscar Whifney Quintet. they eventually became the band Portrait which beget one of that era's most popular home grown super bands, Elmer Fudd, who are fondly remembered all over the Country.
His talents were soon noticed by the balladeer Donovan, who at that time enjoyed a huge following worldwide. Thus Philip joined Donovan' s band and turned the page into the seventies. After many moons with Donovan Philip joined the ever popular Gary Moore Band until 1974 when Donovan once again asked him to join the world tour, this time, however they were to be based in America.
Almost upon landing in Los Angeles the whisper of there being a hot Irish guitarist in town travelled along the miles of neon lights straight to the studios of Hollywood where Philip spent most of the middle seventies recording in all the major studios in Los Angeles with many major artists.
It was in Hollywood where Philip met and teamed up with Lee Clayton. After making some demos in the recordplant, Lee signed with Capital Records, the result being four albums, with Lee and Philip working together.
The Blend of Philip's Celtic music and Lee's Country music produced a new sound called 'Border music' which was critically acclaimed by the world's music press.
The first album Border Affair, second was Naked Child, thirdly the Dream Goes On and the fourth being Spirit of the Twilight.
Philip spent the next decade in Nashville where he recorded approximately 2,500 songs with various artists who, when listed, read like a fine tapestry of Country music .

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