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Rock on Roddy

A musical tribute to Larry Roddy 27th April 2008. 

Featuring: Clive Barnes, Paul Brady, Pete Cummins, Garvan Gallagher, Mick Hanly, Dave Hingerty, Frankie Lane, Thom Moore, Johnny Moynihan, Declan Sinnott, John Spillane, Niall Toner, Freddie White, I Draw Slow, Pat Murphy, Kevin Conneff, John Murphy.

9,900€ was raised on the night and Larry insisted all proceeds went to The Simon Community.

Larry worked for years with many acts from home and abroad. He was a great friend to musicians, especially those who do things a little out of the mainstream, and found gigs and tours for them when others simply did not want to know. He has been instrumental in getting venues off the ground, creating opportunities for musicians to tour the country and helped them develop an audience for their work.


He toured all over the world with Jeff Muldaur, Chris Smither and Tim O’Brien, and handled booking duties for the long-running Castlebar International Blues Festival.

"Larry has promoted and booked gig's in Ireland since the late 60's in the roots/blues/country/trad forms," virtuoso guitarist Clive Barnes told Hot Press last week. "He's the man who gave me all my first breaks and introduced me to so many people I now call friends from home and abroad like Jeff Lang, Peter Mulvey, Jeffrey Foucault and Chris Smither."

He passed away in November 2010. He is sadly missed by many. RIP

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