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RUTHIE FOSTER has been known and beloved as a dynamic singer/songwriter/performer of a unique mix of folk/soul/blues/gospel/R&B in her home state of Texas for some time now. With her last release, the audaciously and appropriately titled THE PHENOMENAL RUTHIE FOSTER, she stunned established fans and critics alike, while bringing in a host of new admirers. Now, with the February 3, 2009 release of THE TRUTH ACCORDING TO RUTHIE FOSTER on Blue Corn Music, this extraordinary artist plans to take things up a notch or two (or three).


The album springs to life with a jaunty ‘70s vibe on the Ruthie-penned “Stone Love.” From there, Ruthie paints with all the vivid colors on her palette:  Yearning desire amid a bouncy reggae beat on “I Really Love You,” heartbreak in the lyrics of the Patty Griffin tune “When It Don’t Come Easy,” funky horns on another track that Ruthie wrote, “Dues Paid In Full,”...more

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