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Steve Cooney

Steve Cooney - Guitars

Steve Cooney was born in Melbourne , Australia . He started his professional musical career at the age of 17, playing for a while in the US before returning home, where he was in a number of rock bands, (Bushwackers, Fruitcake) and the successful folk/rock band, Red Gum. He bought a one-way ticket to Ireland, where his ancestors are from . He busked and worked odd jobs for a few months, before joining “Stockton's Wing” as bassist. Since then he has been associated with many projects, with a major contribution to Sharon Shannon's first album, and performances and recordings with Dermot Byrne, Altan, Martin Hayes and others. While the guitar, and rock guitarists have raised eyebrows in trad Irish music in the past, Cooney is no noise machine. His technique is excellent, and his understanding of traditional music and accompaniment has been proven by the number of contributions he has made to traditional groups and albums.

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