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The Deans

Teenage Irish band “The Deans”  began laying down tracks in 2007 with Henry McCullough (Paul McCartney's Wings, Joe Cocker), Jackie McAuley (Van Morrison, Rick Wakeman), Johnny Fean (Horslips) and Eric Bell (Thin Lizzy). In February 2007, Gavin Dean, Gary Dean and Gary Keon fulfilled the dream of any rock band in the world when they recorded with the late, great Rory Gallagher.
Rory’s brother, Donal Gallagher, gave the critically acclaimed young Irish rock band permission to record with Rory’s original multi-track.
The above list is an amazing endorsement of the rock and blues credentials of The Deans.
There's now a stampede by many of the world’s finest artists to work with now eighteen-year-old guitar genius Gavin Dean.

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