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The John O'Gods

Irish band brewing up a storm in The Netherlands

Six experienced musicians. A compelling mix of Irishmen and Dutchmen with an unmistakeably Irish feel. Three leadsingers with each their own unique voice. And a stage chockfull of instruments played by musicians who know just how to use them. Together they are The John O’Gods, storming their way around the Dutch theatre and festival circuit. A storm that doesn’t cease to blow until band and audience are one in a truly unforgettable musical experience.


Danny Guinan (vocals, guitar)

Mark Gilligan (vocals, clarinet, whistles, wind modulator, bodhran)

John Flierman (vocals, guitar, bodhran)


Siard de Jong (fiddle, bouzouki, whistles, vocals)


Ed Veltrop (piano, keyboards, accordion, vocals)


Erik van Loo (double Bass, bass Guitar, vocals)

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