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The One Eyed Rattlers

Fundraiser for Limb-lengthening Clinic, Our Lady's Children
Hospital, Crumlin.

The One eyed Rattlers were formed in 1983 in The International Bar where they held a Thursday night residency for the next 8 years and inspired the opening of Bad Bobs and the formation of many other good time outfits. Frankie Lane for example (founder member of The Rattlers ) went on to front the very successful Fleadh Cowboys.

The Rattlers performed an irreverent mix of bluegrass, country, tex/mex, rock'n roll and skiffle. The line up changed a little now and then and included the afore mentioned Frankie Lane along with Don Knox and Smithy (both ex 'Spud' who discovered Paul McGuinness!), Randall Rainwater, Mick McNally, Don Harris, brothers Brendan and Eddie O'Neil and also brothers Paul (Rock'n Roll Kid) Harrington and Robert Harrington,
who was the acclaimed King of Skiffle Music in Ireland.

The Band continued to gig sparodically, last performing in the Cobblestone in the dying days of the 20th Century. Sadly Robert Harrington passed away 5 years ago on the 1st July and the remaining members of the One Eyed Rattlers felt that it could never be as much fun without him.

They were persuaded however to play at the wedding of his daughter Susie to keep a promise Robert had made to her and it was there that the idea of a memorial gig was discussed.

So to celebrate Roberts life and all the fun he created in the world, his old musical friends are getting together for a performance on the 5th anniversary of Roberts final
departure from the stage. Frankie Lane, Paul Harrington, Don Knox, Mick McNally and Brendan O'Neil will all be there and many more musicians are expected on the night.
Proceeds to a Charity yet to be confirmed!

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