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The Poor Mouth by Myles na gCopaleen

The Poor Mouth by Myles na gCopaleen.

Adapted for Stage by Paul Lee.

The original production was directed by Ronan Smith and featured Paul Lee as the Ould Grey Fella and PJ Brady as Bonaparte. Set design by Blaithin Sheerin. First presented in An Beal Bocht, Charlemont Street, Dublin as part of the1989 Dublin Theatre Festival.

This is the award winning comedy play adapted from the book of the same name written by Flann O'Brien (Myles na gCopaleen). Any attempt to describe this two act piece of theatre as anything other than a mad comedy would be totally inaccurate. This two-man show is a rumbustious comedy which hurls out satirical one-liners at a frantic pace.The novel was adapted for stage by Paul Lee and first presented in the pub An Beal Bocht, Charlemont Street for the Dublin Theatre Festival in 1989.

From there it went on to tour Ireland and England and won the Guardian Critics Choice Award at the Edinburgh Festival 1991.

"Go and see it again and again"...Tom Mathews.

"If you want a powerfully peaceful statement about Irish individuality and a whopping good time, go and see it".............The Guardian.

"The funniest show I have ever seen".. Pat Short.

"Catch it, as its like will not be seen again" ..Sunday Indo.


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