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The Quicksand Band

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The Quicksand Band


Justin Corr, Phil Clarke, Shay Cosgrave and Eoin Melinn.

Their live performances have gained them a large fan base, drawn to their compelling, exciting and honest delivery of material.
They have been guests to Declan O'Rourke, Freddie White, Prison Love, Luan Parle, Mick Hanly and Eric Taylor amongst others.

The Quicksand Band from Dublin have been playing in venues across the country over the last few years and they have developed a unique style and approach to their music with songs that bear the influence of country, folk and rock but with a very contemporary edge.
In 2011 the band, accompanied by producer Gavin Glass, entered the studio to record their debut Album, Approaching Rain which was released in 2012.
This concert will see the band release the 3rd single “Learning” from that album.

Their debut Gavin Glass-produced album certainly lives up to their deserved live reputation: the songs here reek of an authenticity that is not easy to summon up for those not born and bred in the land of the hickory wind… impressive knowledge of the genre. A welcome surprise.
***  Colm O’Hare, Hotpress

“(Approaching Rain) merges atmosphere and melody in equal measure……… interesting mix of chameleon-like voices ranging from Neil Young & Bob Dylan to Glen Hansard & Ryan Adams……Make It Mag

“this alt country rock quartet, follow in the dusty footsteps of Neil Young, Tom Petty, and Wilco. Delivering a range of material from breezy, feel-good, 60′s folk tinged Cali-pop, to brooding grungy premonitions of death.”…. Alternative irish music review.

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