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The Sick and Indigent Song Club

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SHINBONE ALLEY is the third studio album from Dublin genre-hopping six-piece group THE SICK AND INDIGENT SONG CLUB. Beginning as an unplanned collaboration between ex-punk/alt- country stalwart Gary Fitzpatrick and Scottish chanteuse and ukulele hero Angie McLaughlin, the band expanded as Shane McGrath, Christian Volkmann, Gerry Fitzpatrick, and Sheila Sullivan joined.
The Sick And Indigent Song Club released two albums of original songs in the folk/antique pop idiom, the Inistioge Folly (2007) and Punch Drunk (2009), while retaining their Monday night residency in the Ha'penny Bridge Inn, touring Europe, Asia and the US and playing
regularly at festivals both in Ireland and abroad. Shinbone Alley is a collection of sea songs and shanties The Sick And Indigent Song Club have been performing since 2004. Melodies such as folk standard Shenandoah, and more obscure en Francais rowing song, Hourrah Les Filles A Cinq
Deniers, involving five vocal parts and at least twelve instruments (sometimes changing hands mid-song).
Apologies to the sound engineers for that…
Shinbone Alley brings together for the first time a selection of both band and audience favourites from the maritime tradition.


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