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Thom Moore

Once the word got out that singer/songwriter Thom Moore was ill musicians and singers around the country signed up to performing a concert that would celebrate and thank Thom for his immense contribution to Irelands musical heritage. Quite an achievement for a man born on an island off California. Thom is probably best known as an Irish songwriter, with hit songs for Mary Black such as Carolina Rua and Prayer for Love, and for Maura O'Connell the likes of The Scholar and Saw You Running, as well as such generally-recorded classics as Cavan Girl. What is probably less well known, except to aficionados, is that his first two records on the fledgling Mulligan Records of the 1970s, Pumpkinhead and Midnight Well, were rave critical successes at release and have become cult classics in Irish music circles. 

As a song writer he has had a lot of success but without any of the financial security one would expect from such accolades.
With this in mind his friends decided to hold an evening that would celebrate his music and contribute towards the expenses incured by his illness.

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Among those to perform on the night will be:

Cooney & Begley
Mary Black
Gavin Ralston
Aongus Ralston
Seami O'Dowd
Mairtin O'Connor
Fiachra Trench
Cormac Breatnach
Tom Domican
Garvan Gallagher
Charlie McGettigan
Declan O'Rourke

and others.

Wexford Street, Dublin 2
20th January  2015
Doors 8pm.
Concert 8.30pm
Tickets 25€ (Reserved in advance on 20€)

Box Office 1890 200 078   


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