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Tim McStay

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A former new waver Tim McStay had two popular Dublin bands in the 70 and 80s – the Resistors and the Noise Boys – writing the songs for both at that vibrant time. The Resistors featured on the legendary Just For Kicks album with other Dublin bands including U2 in 1979 – one of Tim’s songs “Service with a Smile”. Later Phil Lynott also produced a single for the Resistors – Steal My Love. Eventually Tim drifted out of the music scene but never stopped writing and a few years ago started doing small gigs again and frequenting studios. Tim also has two songs - Jeanie and Angels - on new Irish movie Danny Boy set for release in 2020.

Phil Lynott produced a Tims single for them in 1983 – Steal My Love. 

His latest 2023 release was “WHAT COULD BE BETTER”

He has 14 tracks on Spotify/iTunes and over 40 other platforms including his new single The Watch

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