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Uncle Monk

Uncle Monk is an indie-acoustic duo featuring Tommy Ramone (Last surviving member of the Ramones) on vocals, mandolin, guitar, banjo and dobro, and Claudia Tienan on vocals, guitar and bass.

Uncle Monk's music is rooted in old-time and bluegrass influences. To this mix they have added unique musical textures to create a sound with a new sensibility.

Tommy Ramone began his musical career as Tom Erdelyi an engineer at the Record Plant recording studios. In the musical doldrums of the 70's he, along with the great Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee Ramone, formed the rock group Ramones and participated in the birth of New Wave, Punk Rock, and Alternative music.

As manager, producer and drummer for the band, Tommy Ramone helped create the sound, style and ideology for what was to become modern rock. Claudia Tienan, formerly with the group The Simplistics, is a partner with Tommy Ramone in Uncle Monk. Her penetrating lyrics and haunting vocals add facets and dimension to the songs.

The music of the two artist complement each other. There is a Yin and Yang sensibility at work, a touch of light and dark, of bitter and sweet.
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