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Viper Central

"Viper Central brought down the house at two concerts at the 2010 San Francisco Bluegrass & Old Time Festival. Both their shows were so packed we had to turn people away at the door. They lived up to their billing. Extremely exciting music, great musicianship and singing, creativity, a fun show - what more could you ask. Everyone loved them. They made many new fans, and sold a ton of CD's. I highly recommend them for any other festivals or shows."

Ken Frankel
San Francisco Bluegrass & Old Time Festival

"I was totally absorbed by the band and the music. Everyone in the group were featured soloists and many were featured vocalists. The music was fresh and exciting, the lyrics were poignant and the whole vibe was let's have fun and show you how to have a good time. The musicianship of all players was such that they seemed to play effortlessly while negotiating some difficult original music. It's great to see a band with a nice mix of male and female instrumentalists... The women in this band are musicians first and singers also. A great Canadian Band!!"

Graham Ord 

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