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Friday 1 Mar VenueTimePrice
Albert Niland
This concert is sold out. Extra date has been added. Sunday 10th March now booking.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9.00 €15 (€17)
Friday 8 Mar VenueTimePrice
Chris Meehan & his Redneck Friends
“The hottest honky-tonk band east of the Pecos”…Dermot Hayes, Hotpress. - "Chris Meehan and his Redneck Friends is the perfect festival band embracing many forms of music, including Cajun, Western Swing and a large helping of rock n' roll.... the line-up reads like Irish Music's hall of fame" - Rory O'Connor, Festival Promoter, Sligo Live.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm €15 (€18)
Sunday 10 Mar VenueTimePrice
Albert Niland
Extra date as 1st March sold out. Albert Niland is unquestionably one of Ireland’s finest guitar talents. Blending various styles of intricate guitar playing, from flamenco to rock, and powerful vocals, this live show is not to be missed.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.8.30 start.€15 (€17)
Wednesday 13 Mar VenueTimePrice
Brian Finnegan, Aidan O'Rourke, Ian Stephenson, Jim Goodwin, Niamh Farrell.
The unique melding of the bold and beautiful flute virtuosity of Brian Finnegan from Armah with the expressive and daring fiddle deftness of Aidan O’Rourke, from Scotland’s Isle of Seil, cemented by the organic and intuitive drumming of Harrogate’s James Goodwin and the unfettered, playful guitar reinventions of Ian Stephenson, out of Selby in Yorkshire and the beautiful singing of Niamh Farrell from Sligo.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.8.30 start.€15 (€17)
Friday 15 Mar VenueTimePrice
Dana Cooper, Gillian Tuite, Kathy Crinion.
A really excellent line up of three beautiful singers and songwriters. Dana Cooper (Pronounced Dayna, lest here be any confusion for Irish audiences!). His prolific endeavors have resulted in 20 albums. The critically acclaimed Miracle Mile on Compass Records was nominated for a Nashville Music Award as “Best Pop Album” and was chosen by Performing Songwriter magazine as one of the top DIY recordings for the year. ~ Gillian Tuite is an Irish artist whose fingerstyle guitar playing, strong vocal melodies and heartfelt lyrics have earned her a reputation for captivating a live audience. ~ "The Voice of the Century" is how Charlie McGettigan described Kathy Crinion's talent recently. The Irish singer has, in 18 months, come from relative obscurity to being the recipient of two significant Irish Country industry awards and a nomination as Best Female at the recent Irish Country Music Awards.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.€13 (€15)
Friday 5 Apr VenueTimePrice
Hank Wedel, Declan Sinnott
details to follow.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm €tbc
Sunday 7 Apr VenueTimePrice
Ags Connolly & Leo Rondeau
Very tasty double bill. Ags Connolly is a traditional country/americana singer-songwriter from Oxfordshire. His second album ‘Nothin’ Unexpected’ was released in February 2017. “The best singer-songwriter in the country field that this country (UK) has ever turned out.” – Country Music People. As a live performer, Ags has headlined shows across the UK, Europe and the US while also opening for various international artists including Rosanne Cash. Ags has been featured on both Bob Harris BBC Radio 2 Country show and his ‘Under The Apple Tree’ sessions, while being championed from various quarters including The Guardian and the Independent on Sunday.A child of the rural American west and owning family lineage within the Turtle Mountain band of the Chippewa Indian tribe, his own history and worldview are engrained in the lines of his songs. This is about a type of honesty that means more than simply telling the truth. It’s a voice that either lives within you or does not. Early on, Rondeau found and dug into such contemporary mainstream artists as Steve Earle and Dwight Yoakam but Leo is a country dance band with a folk singer’s heart. In the honkytonks of Austin and elsewhere you’ll always find the dance floor in full swing, but you’ll also find bar sitters turned on their stools watching the stage. Rondeau is first and foremost a songwriter.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm €13 (€15)
Wednesday 10 Apr VenueTimePrice
Dr Strangely Strange
The gig is to celebrate the launch of a book by psychedelic folkies Dr Strangely Strange and Adrian Whittaker about their glory years. Dr Strangely Strange: Fitting Pieces To The Jigsaw is a beautifully produced A4-format paperback which will be on sale at The Gutter Bookshop, Temple Bar from mid-March. More about the book: The band say: ‘Back on the road for maybe the final time, perhaps. Strangely strange but impossibly possible.’ The evening will feature a couple of brief readings and old-style acoustic Strangelies with all three original members: Tim Booth, Tim Goulding and Ivan Pawle.’
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.8.30pm €15 (€17)
Thursday 11 Apr VenueTimePrice
Dr Strangely Strange
The concert is fully booked. See Wed.10th.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.8.30 start. €15 (€17)
Friday 12 Apr VenueTimePrice
Grace Petrie
Grace Petrie is a folk singer, songwriter, and activist from Leicester, UK. Her unique takes on life, love and politics, and the warmth and wit with which they are delivered have won over audiences everywhere, and she has quietly become one of the most respected and prolific songwriters working in the UK today. Smart, witty, a talented lyricist and an electrifying live performer, Grace Petrie can take the most hostile room and by the end of the night they will be singing along, ‘Stand up today that we might save tomorrow!’ Her first Dublin concert was last October in the DC Club and based on that reaction this gig will sell out fast.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm €14 (€16)
Sunday 26 May VenueTimePrice
Mick Hanley
Details to follow.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.8.30pm €tbc
Friday 19 Jul VenueTimePrice
Gary Ferguson, Roy Thompson, Johnny Tanner.
Details to follow.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm €tbc
Friday 4 Oct VenueTimePrice
Sara Ryan
Details to follow.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm €tbc
Friday 18 Oct VenueTimePrice
Details to follow.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm €tbc (€tbc)