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Thursday 26 Apr VenueTimePrice
Clive Carroll & Shane Hennessy
Two extraordinary guitar talents. Guitar phenomenon Clive Carroll’s masterful compositions, coupled with his versatility and unparalleled technical virtuosity, have rendered him one of today’s most admired and respected guitarists. Shane’s style encompasses virtually every genre of music, tied together with unique energetic fingerpicking and flatpicking styles from jazz and classical pieces to blues and bluegrass, with Irish traditional, jazz manouche and world influences thrown in the mix, as well as periodic bursts of energetic improvisation, and arrangements of well-known songs.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm start€20 (€23)
Friday 4 May VenueTimePrice
Brona McVittie
Aside from her fledgling solo career, Brona has built up widespread international acclaim for her work with Irish all-female folk legends The London Lasses, acapella ensemble Rún and post-folk trio Littlebow. Decorated with an array of four star reviews folk chanteuse and harpist Brona McVittie is quietly steering traditional folk into the 21st century with her recently launched debut solo album We Are the Wildlife — a deep reflection on the interconnectedness of things natural and manmade, an album of duality and dichotomy shaped as much by natural sonic patterning as by human patterns of behaviour — inspired by rural and urban scapes alike.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm start€12 (€14)
Sunday 6 May VenueTimePrice
The Catfish Blues Orchestra.
Driven by a love for authentic blues music the group draw on influences ranging from the early blues masters of the delta such as Robert Johnson & Sonny Boy Williamson, to the electric Chicago and Texas blues masters such as Muddy Waters and Freddie King, up to British blues invasion guitar gods such as Eric Clapton, Peter Green all the way up to contemporary influences such as Robben Ford and Derek Trucks. The Orchestra draw on all of these influences including many others to create there on rich and soulful blend of Rhythm and Blues.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm €12 (€14)
Friday 11 May VenueTimePrice
Paul Tiernan
Paul Tiernan: the man who in 2008 had a song (How to say goodbye) in Hollywood teen cult movie ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite playlist’, who played with the legendary Donovan, who has 7 solo albums released, who has played his trusty mandola with Nick Harper, Boo Hewerdine, Robyn Hitchcock, Mark Geary, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Sinead Lohan, Katell Keineg and Glen Hansard to name but a few.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm start€10 (€13)
Friday 18 May VenueTimePrice
Winter Wilson
Showcasing their latest album "Far Off on the Horizon", the follow up to the critically-acclaimed “Ashes & Dust”, Winter Wilson come to DC Music Club off the back of a triumphant UK tour with the legendary Fairport Convention. Now in their 6th year as full-time musicians, Kip Winter and Dave Wilson bring a sense of intimacy to every venue, blending superb, often hard-hitting original songs, stunning harmonies and musicianship with sometimes hilarious tales of life on the road. “This isn’t an act; it’s a domestic.” Kip (vocals, accordion, guitar, flute) "simply has a voice to die for” (John Roffey, Maverick Magazine), whilst Dave (vocals, guitar and banjo) is now rightly recognised as being amongst the top tier of British songwriters, with his songs covered by some of folk's "greats".
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm start€13 (€15)
Sunday 20 May VenueTimePrice
Buddy Mondlock & Mike Lindauer.
Buddy Mondlock writes songs. He does it so well that some great songwriters have recorded his songs on their own albums. Guy Clark, Nanci Griffith and Janis Ian, to name just a few. But there's nothing like hearing the guy who wrote em sing 'em. He's not going to pin your ears back with those songs. He's going to draw you into his world where a single snowflake follows the trajectory of a relationship, where you get your pocket picked by a Roman cat, where you might swim over the edge of the world if you're not careful and where dreams that don't come true still count. Top notch.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm €14 (€16)
Friday 8 Jun VenueTimePrice
Greenshine have been building a solid base of followers in Dublin having played several great concerts over recent years in the DC Club. When family voices combine it's sometimes hard to figure out who's singing what and that's what makes it so intriguing ~ the interplay of voices. You hear it in the singing of The McGarrigles, The Kings of Leon, The Everly Brothers etc. Combine that with great instrumentation and the concert is complete.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm €13 (€15)
Friday 22 Jun VenueTimePrice
Gerry Creen, David Dee Moore and Derek McGowan. Gerry Creen from Belfast is considered a folk legend with a finger picking’ style next to none. Check out his albums including his latest ‘My Shoes’. David Dee Moore also from Belfast but now in Westport has a background of songwriting and as a session bass player around the world with many top names. His songs exude catchy pop licks and wonderful melodies. Check out his recordings including his latest album ‘The sun the moon and the stars…and other moving objects’. Derek McGowan grew up with the Blues in Dublin and his guitar versatility and rockin’ songs can be heard on his latest album ‘Rainlight’.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm start€12 (€14)
Friday 6 Jul VenueTimePrice
Barry McCormac
Details to follow.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm €tbc
Friday 13 Jul VenueTimePrice
Kevin Doherty, Ciaran Tourish, Dermot Byrne.
Kevin has recorded two solo albums and four albums with Four Men and Dog, who are renowned worldwide for their high standard of playing, originality, stunning live performances and blending of traditional, folk, blues, country and rock and roll.Fiddle player with Altan Ciaran has also worked with many others including Paul Brady, Matt Molloy, Mary Black, Maura O’Connell, Máirtín O’Connor, Dolores Keane, Dé Danann etc. Former Traditional Musician of the Year, Dermot Byrne is revered for his virtuosity on the accordion and melodeon he has enjoyed two decades at the beating heart of Altan.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm €15 (€17)
Friday 24 Aug VenueTimePrice
John Spillane
John Spillane needs little introduction as his singing and songs along with his humour and his TV and Radio work have made him a household name in Ireland. “John Spillane is my favourite songwriter for the last 10 years” (Christy Moore, 2015). John’s tenth studio album “The Man Who Came in From the Dark” was released in 2014 and sold over 100,000 albums in Ireland. John has been awarded with two Meteor Irish Music Awards for ‘Best Folk Act’ and ‘Traditional act’. His songs have been covered by many Irish folk lumineers such as Christy Moore, Sean Keane, Karan Casey, Pauline Scanlon, Solas, Mary Black, Méav, Sinéad Lohan and Sharon Shannon.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm €14 (€16)
Friday 7 Sep VenueTimePrice
Full details to follow. Gerry Madigan and George Kaye will be returning to Ireland in 2018 for another Irish tour. This time they will be joined by ace flat-picking guitarist, Francie Lenehan.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm €tbc
Sunday 30 Sep VenueTimePrice
Tia McGraff
Details to follow.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.8.30 start.€tbc
Friday 26 Oct VenueTimePrice
John Byrne
Details to Follow.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm start€tbc
Friday 16 Nov VenueTimePrice
Gerry O'Beirne
Gerry will be launching a new album of songs written over the last few years and many of them are about life in and around Dingle. Click names in blue for video sample. Full details to follow.
DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2.9pm€tbc